Listen to awesome music,  strum my way through some

basic guitar chords and try my hand at writing song lyrics. 

If you're brave enough, check out a couple of my demos sung by a couple of very talented singers.

Don't judge! 

Chelada Bay 

Love Me 

A playlist that puts me in the right writing mood.


Create Videos

I've always been involved in scripting, creating and producing videos for my clients. 

Click the link below to our company page and check out some of our work.

Dylan H. Jones

Read, of course.

I'm genre agnostic, but favor crime-fiction. 

Some of my favorite authors include

Jo Nesbo

Henning Mankel

Zadie Smith

Val McDermind

And many more too numerous to mention, but if pushed I would put the ridiculously talented 

 T.C. Boyle at the top of any author list,



With my good friend, Chris.

Well, Chris does all the hard work of blending, barrelling, and bottling. I do the drinking, help with the crushing and marketing, and did I mention the drinking?

Ogle cars.

Not to sound like a dinosaur, but I do have a passion for cars. British and Italian mostly, with the Jensen Interceptor, in my humble opinion, being the perfect blend of British engineering and Italian design. 

It also happens the be the same car my fictional detective, Tudor Manx drives, though Manx has considerably less affection for this timeless classic than I do.

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